Dolphins before the bow wave

The Sea (2010-09-22)

After arriving in Avalon and connecting to the world again, a friend asked about the trip. This poem was the result.

The SeaOrange Moon

Remember how you felt out on the water
Just feeling happy to be there, to exist with it?
Close your eyes and feel it again
How big it was, and endless

This is all that and more.

It is cold:
Moonless, starless, foggy nights
Dark except for the phosphorescent sparkle
On each wave, like a thousand fireflies
And our wake, churning up a path of glitter

Or an orange moonset, then so many stars
Dawn comes on the breakfast watch,
The only one that gets better, warmer.

Blue AfternoonIt is warm:
Bathed in sunlight, blue afternoons stretching on and on
Deck naps, anywhere naps.
Reading, sitting, listening to the VHF

Finally shedding layers and layers
Bare feet, surprisingly comfy

It is alive:
Rolling seas, dolphins frolicking before the bow wave
Things that sound so cliche, so overused, overdescribed
I cannot make them new and different, just with words
You have to be there, then you will feel it, you will understand.

Dolphins before the bow wave

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Jen Wheeler

These days I am focused on enjoying warm weather and tropical islands, with a side of coconuts. I like to make people smile and laugh. I cross the street like a New Yorker and squeeze from the end of the toothpaste tube. I'll try most things at least once, if not twice or thrice. I don't really know what I'm doing with my life, but I'm mostly ok with that.

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