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May 28th, 2016

Well, we are less than a week away from our arrival in Hawaii and we’re starting to plan the next leg of our journey (editors note: actually we are now in Hilo, as of the time of this posting). We intend to depart Hilo headed for the Marquesas on June 10th (weather permitting). Average passage time is 3 weeks, and it’s a good idea to add at least a week if not two in order to allow for weather conditions (i.e. we could delay our departure date due to weather). We have space for one or two crew members, and the only cost would be your airfare and a share of the food & fuel. This will be be a challenging passage across the equator with a mix of upwind sailing in the trade winds and crossing the ITCZ (doldrums w/ squalls), so be ready for an adventure! Anybody who does the passage with us is welcome to spend as much time as they like on the boat once we’re in French Polynesia. No sailing experience is needed, and as long as we have a common acquaintance I’ll trust that you’re not secretly an axe murderer. If you’re interested, please email me using my sat phone email which is my FCC call sign at My FCC call sign is WDF7269. (While we are in Hilo I can also be reached at my personal email, or via this blog’s contact form).

UPDATE (6-5-2016): We now have a full crew for our trip to the Marquesas!

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3 thoughts on “Call for Crew”

  1. I would be Ok to join Your Crew but I am Professional And I Will go If Its payed job . I lived 20 years in French Polynesia . My last Pacific crossing from panama to Tahiti was in july 2015 . Aloha
    I am In Maui Now

    1. Thanks for the interest! I’m following up with a number of folks who are willing to volunteer/pay for food & fuel, so I’m not ready to pay for crew… yet. I’ll let you know if it comes to that.

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