Keeping Busy

‘Busy’ is a relative term. On this trip it tends to mean swimming, exploring, or opening coconuts, with the occasional bit of travel between anchorages. Here are a few of the things that have been keeping us busy since our last blog post.

The first two weeks after arriving on Nuku Hiva were spent exploring its various anchorages. After that we sailed south to the island of Ua Pou, but found that the small anchorage there was too crowded. Instead, we got to see the valley where Herman Melville’s Typee took place. We then sailed down to Tahuata and stayed at one of the most beautiful anchorages of the Marquesas. In exchange for some fruit and local honey, we helped the bay’s inhabitant deliver bags of dried coconut, known as copra, to the town where large ships would pick it up. The next bay we stayed in had great snorkeling very close to the boat, where we got to swim with manta rays. We again traded some various supplies with a local for a huge pile of fruit, including a ten-pound hard squash and a stalk of 74 bananas.

With the stalk hanging off our backstay, we set sail for the Tuamotus. Two days in, there was light rain of bananas in the middle of the night. The change of watch was made exciting by a hurried effort to bring down the looming banana cloud and re-secure its contents indoors. After several days at sea we had an easy arrival at Fakarava, and were quickly ashore in the town of Rotoava to resupply some non-banana items such as fresh baguettes.

After a few days enjoying Internet access and ice cream, we crossed to the south of the lagoon and stayed at a very calm anchorage called Hirifa. We made friends with some cruisers there and snorkeled at a channel marker nearby. Further south, we picked up a mooring near the pass, which was promptly attended by five black tip reef sharks and several tropical fish that started eating algae off our hull. The pass was our first drift dive, where we drove the dinghy out towards the ocean and then snorkeled back on the incoming tide. It was great fun; like riding a conveyor belt through a teeming tropical aquarium.

Back north in Rotoava we splurged and treated ourselves to a two night stay in a local “pension” where we were served breakfast and dinner and got to take hot showers daily! Refreshed by our stay on land, we restocked again before sailing up to Anse Amyot on Toau. Just before leaving we met up with a professional captain/sailor who was looking for a ride to Tahiti. We clicked immediately and welcomed her aboard. Our days now are spent playing games together, snorkeling, visiting the friendly people on shore, and generally lounging. So much more has happened in between, but now we have to go grill some fish that Paul speared for lunch. Au revoir!

15°48’12” S – 146°09’05” W

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