Once again we are out to sea, making a longer passage. A few days ago we left Palmerston Island of the Cook Islands, which was one of our favorite places of the whole trip. Our destination is Fanning Island of the Line Islands/Kiribati, which means about two weeks of travel time. This extended period at sea reminds me of the long passage from Hawaii to Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas. Under way it is often too rocky to do much besides read and sleep. We frequently feel tired because of the night watch schedule, so the days can seem dream-like or surreal. Between those things and the limited contact with the outside world, it’s easy to imagine that my life or even time itself is put on hold. Fortunately my muse was functioning well on that longer leg and a bit of poetry sloshed into my brain in between waves. I worked out the missing parts recently, so I can now present the finished product. Enjoy!

The Passage

I fell asleep a month and a day
And dreamt I went to sea.
We sailed for islands far away –
A boy, a cat, and me.

And though we passed through star-filled nights
And soaked in the rays of noon,
The sea was an unchanging sight
By sunlight or by moon.

Then we awoke to islands fair
By magic, so it seemed.
Could we have been awake out there
Or was it just a dream?

9°45’45” S – 160°28’47” W

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